URRGENT Assistance Needed

Michael Whisenant ( mwhisen@airnet.net )
Sat, 01 Mar 1997 15:32:26 -0600

I have just finished upgrading to RadiusNT 60 and Emerald 2.0.88 and still
the limit feature of the MBR is not working. I can now save a non null
value into the limit field, but regardless it does not work to add time to
a user. I heavily rely on this feature and need a URGENT fix, as over 300
users will expire tonight. With the number of users it is going to be
extremely tight locating each and changing the expire date and or adding to
the extend field.

Yes I know, why not query SQL on the maExpireDate in the MasterAccounts
table? It reports nulls for every user as does saExpireDate for the
SubAccounts table. I am using Crystal Reports v5.0 Professional and can
not extract the information out. ANY ideas are welcomed!!!!!!!