Help with RadiusNT and SQL Server

Frank Erhartic ( (no email) )
Sat, 1 Mar 97 14:31:06 EST5EDT

I have a working Radius install using the text version of the users
file. I am evaluating the Emerald system. I have installed Emerald and
configured the SQL for it. Emerald works fine but I want to switch the
Radius to work with it. I followed the instructions and it looks like
it will work except I get the following:

config_init(): dict_valfind(Lifetime-In-Days) not found.

it loads up 16 of the Radius attributes but dies on the above. I am
using a Computone PowerRack and I think that parameter might be an
ASCEND parameter. Do I need to delete it somehow? Any suggestions?

I did have it working with ODBC with the sample Access database working
a couple of weeks ago. I think I had a similar problem with that before
but fixed it somehow.

Frank Erhartic,Jr.