RadiusNT Upgrade Ascend Dic

BeMur Resources ( bemu@sk.sympatico.ca )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 22:14:29 -0600

Hi Dale

RadiusNT doing everything its suppose to. Awesome!!! :)

Up and running for about 3-4 months flawless. Just two questions and a

Our Config

RadiusNT .49 Start cmd (radiusnt -I -o -A -R51 -x15)
Windows 95
Access 97 ODBC
Ascend Max's
Supporting IPX Dial In

1. Can I just replace radiusnt.exe to upgrade to RadiusNT .60.

2. Have upgraded Ascend's to 5.0a software and have added a few of the
new attributes to RadAttributes/RadValues but wondering if you are still
planning to post a script to update the dictionary or if you have I
can't find it.

3. Missed out on the value of RadiusNT thread a while back. Our
organization uses RadiusNT as a component of our WAN and although we
could operate without it, I sure would not want to. So this has to mean
our organization places a value to RadiusNT, and with continue Email
support, documentation and development would be prepared to pay for a
commercial version.

Thanx Again

Murray Zwozdesky