Upgraded radius

Gary Austin ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 19:40:34 -0500

Well I figured this would happen but hay I tried it anyway. I unzipped the
..60 version and shut down the service. Copied radius to the directory
where the original was and restarted the service. The service crashed. I
restarted it with the command prompt and found it errored during an sql
input. Stopped the service. Did an uninstall and reinstalled the new as a
service. Copied the new radadmin over the old since the exe was the only
file in the zip. Started the service but can't get any ODBC to work.
Tried Radadmin and get the following 'could not load or register
MSRDC32.OCX'. Now that my ODBC doesn't work I need help fast. I tried to
find a complete version of radadmin but can't find it anywhere. Thanks.