Re: AW: Re[2]: Starting RadiusNT with boot

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 11:35:27 -0800

Peter A. Sang wrote:
> This is usually caused by SQL server not being initialized during
> startup when the Radius service tries to access it.
> The correct solution would be to add 'dependonservice=mssqlserver' to
> the Radius registry entries. This delays Radius start until SQL is
> up&running.

I've really stayed out of this thread, but let me add my two cents worth

The above is true except for the "up&running" part. DependOnService
allows you to specicy a service dependencies. IOW, if this service
isn't running, RadiusNT will not start. If you stop that service,
RadiusNT will also be stopped. It does allow you to organize the
startup order, but thats it. SQL Server returns a "yes I have started"
to the Service Control manager about 3 secs after its asked. If it
went done dirty (which is typically the issue here) then it could take
several minutes to clean up and be ready for requests. In the mean
the service manager has already started RadiusNT, and its going through
its login requests. The problem is that SQL Server is returning
"Unknown table Servers", etc to RadiusNT because it hasn't fully

I will try to add some code to RadiusNT to allow it to correctly
handle that error as well. The only error control currently in there
is login failure.

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