Re: RadiusNT - Limiting user log-on time at a defined time

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 02:57:24 -0800

Chris Murdaugh wrote:
> Hi Dale! I've been using RadiusNT (.49 Intel) and Emerald (Intel) 2.053 for
> two weeks on NT Server 4 (SP 1 Build 1381) and SQL Server 6.5 for our ISP.
> Congratulations on a great product - I'm tickled pink that its running
> extremely stable and the performance of SQL DB is nothing short of

Great to hear that!

> I'd love it if you could help me out with the following:
> -----------------
> How can I set a log-on session limit which is particular to a time range.
> ie, We have advertised Flat-Rate Monthly billing scheme for our users with
> a two hour log-on limit during peak time (6pm - Midnight).

Unfortunately you can only impose the limit all the time, or not at all.
The set of RADIUS attributes sent to the user is not time based.

> Setting the Base Hours Rate (off-peak hours) and Additional Hours Rate
> (peak hours) don't realy seem to apply here since our Monthly accounts are
> unlimited access as far as billing is concerned and we bill our users a
> flat subscription rate for 1 month.

You are correct, this isn't associated.

> I would be most appreciative if you could please shed some light on any
> possible ways of attacking this one.

Unfortuntely, I don't have a great solution for you right now. Thinking
loud, you could use SQL Executive to add a record to the RadATConfigs
(which would be the Session limit) at 6pm for the specific account
and then take it back out at midnight.

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