RadiusNT - Limiting user log-on time at a defined time

Chris Murdaugh ( chrism@sia.net.au )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:13:15 +1100

Hi Dale! I've been using RadiusNT (.49 Intel) and Emerald (Intel) 2.053 for
two weeks on NT Server 4 (SP 1 Build 1381) and SQL Server 6.5 for our ISP.

Congratulations on a great product - I'm tickled pink that its running
extremely stable and the performance of SQL DB is nothing short of

I'd love it if you could help me out with the following:


How can I set a log-on session limit which is particular to a time range.
ie, We have advertised Flat-Rate Monthly billing scheme for our users with
a two hour log-on limit during peak time (6pm - Midnight).

I got your pearl of wisdom about setting the Session Limit with RadiusNT
from the FAQ:

Implemented session limits from the User Table or RADIUS. If RADIUS
returns a session time limit using the new Session-Timeout attribute,
the user is automatically disconnected when the time limit is exceeded.
To set a session limit in the User Table use the "set user Username
session-limit Minutes" command.

ATTRIBUTE Session-Timeout 27 integer
ATTRIBUTE Idle-Timeout 28 integer

I'd like to use the RadiusNT integration of Emerald to accomplish the above
and hope you could shed some light as to how I'd go about setting a 2 hour
log-on limit from 6pm to Midnight.

I'm pretty sure it's a simple matter of associating the above RadiusNT NAS
Commands with an Emerald Service in Emerald Admin (I've created a Monthly
Service type in Emerald Admin). What I'm unsure of is how can I get
Emerald/RadiusNT to interact to impose the 2 hour Session-Timeout within
the 6pm - Midnight time range.

Setting the Base Hours Rate (off-peak hours) and Additional Hours Rate
(peak hours) don't realy seem to apply here since our Monthly accounts are
unlimited access as far as billing is concerned and we bill our users a
flat subscription rate for 1 month.

I would be most appreciative if you could please shed some light on any
possible ways of attacking this one.

Thanks alot and keep up the good work 8-)

Chris Murdaugh
Internet Administrator
E-Mail: cmurdaugh@sia.net.au
Student Internet Access
North Sydney TAFE College Association

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