Re: Radius 1.16.49 CHAP problems with MAX4000

Mark Conger ( )
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 22:43:13 -0500

Let me make a guess here. Your PC clients have the option to send the
password encrypted checked. If this is true, it will only fail because the
CHAP response is negative. They need to have this unchecked so that the
authentication process will start at PAP.

Mark Conger

> From: Chan Kah Sing <>
> To:
> Subject: Radius 1.16.49 CHAP problems with MAX4000
> Date: Wednesday, February 19, 1997 9:57 PM
> I am using a MAX4000 (with digital modems) and a USR NetServer/16 to
> support dial-in access. The MAX4000 also supports ISDN lines. The
> software version is 4.6Bp26. I have Radius 1.16.49 installed on NT 4.0
> but not as a service.
> In the MAX4000 settings "Ethernet-Answer-PPP options", Recv Auth=CHAP as
> all my ISDN lines are set for CHAP authentication. However, this does
> not work with Radius 1.16.49. I read one of the posts somewhere that
> MAX4000 needs to be set to PAP.
> When I set MAX4000 to PAP, it worked with Radius, BUT it affected the
> ISDN dial-in. I confirmed this with Ascend.
> I noticed, however, that in-coming ISDN lines (which authenticates with
> the MAX4000 directly) can still communicate with Radius for accounting
> purposes. But for PCs dialing-in, it cannot authenticate with Radius.
> MAX4000's manual indicates that Radius should be able to communicate in
> CHAP or PAP, and I need to maintain it as CHAP. I don't have this
> problem with the NetServer/16.
> Can any one help? Thanks in advance.
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