Radius 1.16.49 CHAP problems with MAX4000

Chan Kah Sing ( kahsing@nlb.gov.sg )
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 10:57:22 +0800

I am using a MAX4000 (with digital modems) and a USR NetServer/16 to
support dial-in access. The MAX4000 also supports ISDN lines. The
software version is 4.6Bp26. I have Radius 1.16.49 installed on NT 4.0
but not as a service.

In the MAX4000 settings "Ethernet-Answer-PPP options", Recv Auth=CHAP as
all my ISDN lines are set for CHAP authentication. However, this does
not work with Radius 1.16.49. I read one of the posts somewhere that
MAX4000 needs to be set to PAP.

When I set MAX4000 to PAP, it worked with Radius, BUT it affected the
ISDN dial-in. I confirmed this with Ascend.

I noticed, however, that in-coming ISDN lines (which authenticates with
the MAX4000 directly) can still communicate with Radius for accounting
purposes. But for PCs dialing-in, it cannot authenticate with Radius.
MAX4000's manual indicates that Radius should be able to communicate in
CHAP or PAP, and I need to maintain it as CHAP. I don't have this
problem with the NetServer/16.

Can any one help? Thanks in advance.
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