Re: Emerald, Portmaster2e and USR modems - 56k possible?

Allen Wisor ( )
Wed, 28 May 1997 13:50:29 -0500

>Choosing USR will give you x2 now with a promise of the STANDARD later.

Does this mean you think X2 will be the standard or that you think USR
will convert X2 into what ever the standard is. Personally I think USR
is tring to control a market by producing proprietary equipment. Where
as with K56flex there are at least 6 independent chip manufacturers
together. Also USR is charge all customer to upgrade and only the 33.6
Ascend is upgrade their rockwell chips for free. Hayes will upgrade any
any manufacturer for $99. In my opinion I think K56flex will win in the
all USR has is an excellent marketing team and big heads.

Could we here some more opinions on X2 and K56flex?????????

Randy Fischer wrote:
> x2 service DEPENDS on a DIGITAL connection between the ISP and the Phone
> company. In order to accomplish that you as the ISP must have ISDN or PRI
> or a channalized T1 line from the phone company. The equipment that will
> support those types of lines at the ISP's site are NOT regular analog
> modems. You CANNOT support incoming x2 connections with ANY analog modem
> including USR Couriers or Sportsters.
> If you wish to jump on the x2 bandwagon then you have to use USRobotics
> solutions. The one that I am familier with is the TOTAL CONTROL with
> DIGITAL modems. This solution uses a PRI or T1 and gives 23-24 incoming
> lines per T1 connection and will support upto 2 T1's for incoming dialup
> connections. USR also has a ISDN solution (I think) that uses BRI lines to
> support x2.
> Livingston PM3 is also a way to go. This solution does not address x2
> directly but is a similar way to setup for the 56k fad. It also requires a
> DIGITAL connection to the Phone company.
> The x2 / 56flex fight is just beginning. The result should be a standard
> that both USR and the REST of the world can support. Choosing USR will
> give you x2 now with a promise of the STANDARD later. The advantage is
> that many (NOT ALL) existing USR modems can be upgraded to x2. If you use
> USR's solution you can give your users 56k now. When the standard is
> settled on and everyone adopts it then it will not matter which ISP side
> solution you have chosen.
> I personally feel that the Livingston solution is much more elegant. It
> uses state of the art components and is MUCH smaller, lighter, quieter and
> cooler than a USR total control. But to make your existing USR users happy
> will take awhile while the standard gets hashed out. Which is why I chose
> to use the USR total control for my first device and will use PM3's for all
> my expansion.
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> > From: Franco Nogarin <>
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> > Subject: Emerald, Portmaster2e and USR modems - 56k possible?
> > Date: Wednesday, May 28, 1997 10:50 AM
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> > I feel doomed here, I have committed to Emerald, Livingston and USR. now
> I want 56k and it seems impossible.
> >
> > 1. I have a portmaster2e with 10 analog ports authenticating to emerald.
> > 2. on those 10 ports are 10 sportster 33.6 modems (X2)
> > 3. Our telco's local lines cannot handle ISDN
> > 4. 80% of the customer base is X2
> > knowing thses things, is it possible to run X2 modems on a pm2e?
> >
> > USR says not with Sportsters, it says that you need total control modems.
> >
> > Anyone have any ideas?
> >
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