Re: Emerald, Portmaster2e and USR modems - 56k possible?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 May 1997 11:37:17 -0700

Franco Nogarin wrote:
> I feel doomed here, I have committed to Emerald, Livingston and USR.
> now I want 56k and it seems impossible.
> 1. I have a portmaster2e with 10 analog ports authenticating to
> emerald.
> 2. on those 10 ports are 10 sportster 33.6 modems (X2)
> 3. Our telco's local lines cannot handle ISDN
> 4. 80% of the customer base is X2
> knowing thses things, is it possible to run X2 modems on a pm2e?
> USR says not with Sportsters, it says that you need total control
> modems.
> Anyone have any ideas?

56kb technology has TWO diferent sides, unlike the traditional modems.
This means you have a server modem and a client modem. The server
modems plug directly into a digital trunk of the telco. The client
modems have the d/a converter (of which there can only be one).

You can NOT use two client modems (which means if you have a 56kb
modem and your friend has a 56kb modem, you will NOT be able to
call him at 56k, only 33.6). Therefore, on the ISP side, you will
need to purchase server side 56k technology. This is true with
x2 or Flex.

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