Re: Emerald, Portmaster2e and USR modems - 56k possible?

Rhys Mendes ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 May 1997 14:18:24 -0400

You can run x2 with only USR Courier I-Modems (ISDN Modems) plugged into
your PM2E. But you must be able to get ISDN lines to run into the

From: Franco Nogarin <>
To: ''
Date: Wednesday, May 28, 1997 1:52 PM
Subject: Emerald, Portmaster2e and USR modems - 56k possible?

>I feel doomed here, I have committed to Emerald, Livingston and USR. now I
want 56k and it seems impossible.
>1. I have a portmaster2e with 10 analog ports authenticating to emerald.
>2. on those 10 ports are 10 sportster 33.6 modems (X2)
>3. Our telco's local lines cannot handle ISDN
>4. 80% of the customer base is X2
>knowing thses things, is it possible to run X2 modems on a pm2e?
>USR says not with Sportsters, it says that you need total control modems.
>Anyone have any ideas?
>Franco Nogarin
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