RE: How to direct FQDN to point to www subdirectory

Kirk Rogers ( )
Mon, 26 May 1997 07:36:22 -0700

Great. But what about the server who still exist with that IP address?
Won't this generate a duplicate IP address response from the OS?


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Subject: Re: How to direct FQDN to point to www

>Has any one been able to get a FQDN such as to be
>to a subdirectory within wwwroot of IIS?
>We have an NT4.0 server with IIS and using FrontPage to grant
>web publishing. I would like have the existing FQDN point to a
>particular web from within wwwroot which looks like
wwwroot/newtest. I
>tried changing the home directory to this particular
subdirectory but
>then FrontPage cannot open up anything.
>Any help would be appreciated

You probably have an answer for this already,
Add an IP address to your LAN card,
Make a Virtual VWS on this new IP address, point the home page
to the new
location, Viola, Works fine.