OOB Bug - TCP351A.EXE Now Available

Danny Mayer ( mayer@mro.dec.com )
Tue, 20 May 1997 08:53:53 -0400

It took me a few days working with our Seattle folks to get the Alpha
fix for NT 3.51 available. It's there now. The fix is also in NT 4.0 SP3
but it is not documented in the Readme because it was a last-moment change.


>>Subject: SERIOUS NT BUG - Get a fix now!!!
>>Just thought I would repost this for anyone who missed it. The bug is not=
>> new, it is the one originally thought to attach port 139 but affects all=
>> TCP/IP ports (including port 80). This bug does affect NT3.51 & NT4.0. No=
>> sign of fix for machines with Alpha processor yet.
>Tom Carr

Danny Mayer Digital Equipment Corporation
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