Re: 3.0 Upgrade

melton ( (no email) )
Mon, 19 May 1997 17:42:25 -0400


I am also using SLmainNT.

It has been working great for us.

Steve Melton

At 02:37 PM 5/19/97 +0700, you wrote:
>Hello :)
> I found SLMailNT from Seattle Labs and purchased it because it
>handled all I needed, unlimited for US$ 325. Multiple domains, mailing
>lists, auto responders, finger, etc.
> If anyone is interested, drop by They
>just announced a price increase, but the 325 price lasts until the end of
>the month :) Unfortunately, they are going to a per-user pricing after
>that, but it's not as bad as some, and the next upgrade is free... Anyway,
>works fine for me as it is :)
>At 02:19 AM 5/19/97 -0500, Randy Martin wrote:
>>As an existing user of, and as one of your earliest customers,
>[justified rant deleted]
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