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Brian Dorricott ( )
Sat, 10 May 1997 23:57:27 +0100

At 17:35 06/05/97 -0400, you wrote:
>> Jared,
>> I would recomend sticking with NTMail it has the best development staff
>> well as feature set, it is also reasonably priced...
>> -Mark
>Hrrmm...the only issue I have with NTMail is the setup of Virtual Domains.
>It didn't want to work (go figure) ...Also, it required a seprate IP for
>each VD which isn't cool when you consider that each web site also requires
>an IP.

Not quite true, actually... there is more than one way to use Virtual
domains in NTMail.

For example, you can use a single domain version of NTMail and "redirect"
email to different accounts as it arrives... this is how most other mail
servers supply virtual domains. This means you have one IP address for all
mail addresses but you have to maintain a list of "redirections" so that two
users with the same name do not get each other's email.

If you want Virtual Domains in the same sense as a WWW server (that is; from
outside the machine, you cannot tell the mail server is running two
independant mail domains), the POP3 protocol REQUIRES that you use a
different IP address for each virtual domain. Any mail server that does not
require you to do this, is not offering true multiple domain support -
rather a "quick fix" to give the appearance of multiple domains (IMHO).


>The other question, I am using MS News Server now, any other suggestions
>(Some people seem to have problems downloading a list of news groups)
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