Re: Radius eating up memory?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 09 May 1997 14:52:01 -0700

Greg Buffaloe wrote:
> Dale,
> Just before I first start running this test, the total memory in use hover
> around 36,000k out of 228464. Physical Memory Available hovers around
> 6000k. When radlogin is started, it may jump up to 37,000k. The longer the
> radlogin runs the higher the memory in use go up gradually. Physical
> memory available stays steady. After about 90,000 logins, it'll go thru
> 15-20 (time:70) logins, then appears to get stuck on a login then cycles
> thru 15-20 more. each time that occurs, the time gets longer and longer on
> the login it gets stuck on. Only then, the CPU usage will drop to 11%
> after running 100% all the other times.The memory in use is about 95,000k
> at this point. The memory does not come back then either. The physical
> memory available was stable thru all this till the slow down occurred, then
> it is round between 100k - 500k the entire time.
> By about this time I have to abort, cause it might take a year to let it
> run thru all the the logins. Then the memory comes back.

Is this by any chance an hitting an Access database? My tests with MS
Access show similar behavior, and with all the noted memory holes in the
MS Access ODBC driver, I don't doubt it. Using SQL Server this does
not happen.

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