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Fri, 9 May 1997 10:12:34 -0400

This is from the Microsoft knowledge base. I hope it

Internet Mail Message Delivered
as Attached Text Files

Article ID: Q161044
Creation Date: 16-DEC-1996
Revision Date: 05-MAY-1997

The information in this article applies

Microsoft Internet Mail and News
version 1.0 for Windows 95


When you receive an e-mail message sent
from Microsoft Internet Mail, it may have an
attachment with an .att or .txt file
name extension. In some cases, there may be a plain text
version of the message, and in others
there may be only the attachment.


This behavior occurs when any of the
following conditions exist:

You are using Microsoft Exchange
with the Internet Mail Transport.
You are using the client for
Microsoft Exchange Server to view your mail.
Your Internet service provider's
mail server does not recognize the content type of the
Internet Mail message.


To work around this problem, send your
mail using the Plain Text format. To do this on a
per-message basis, follow these steps:

1.In an open Send Note, click Plain
Text on the Format menu.

2.If you are using HTML format mode,
you receive a message stating that you will loose
the HTML information. Click OK.


Sending mail using Internet Mail's HTML
format usually causes this problem. Many mail servers
do not recognize the Multipart/Alternativ
e MIME content type. Internet Mail sends its source as
this type.

There are two parts to an Internet Mail
message: a text/plain part and a text/HTML part.
Multipart/Alternative content type
includes multiple representations of the same data.

When the server or client you use to
read mail receives this MIME type, the results may vary.
Some clients display the text/plain part
correctly and put the text/HTML part into an
attachment. Others put the entire
message into an attachment. The name of the attachment
depends on your server and client
From: David Payer <>
Date: Friday, May 09, 1997 10:07 AM
Subject: Is it just me with a problem? (this list &

>This is a great list, very informative.
>Ever since the content of the list is sent as an
attachment, I have
>problems responding to the list. I view it in MSIE's mail
program and the
>content of each message is a file attachment. I view it by
clicking on the
>paper clip and then it pops up in notepad. Then I can't
respond directly to
>the message at hand, I have to do it by cutting/pasting,
>Is anyone else having a problem with this? I didn't change
anything but
>about 2 weeks ago the list changed.
>David Payer
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