Re: IIS 3.0 won't execute .exe's anymore??? (Got it... $#@%)

Sam Akhtar ( (no email) )
Fri, 9 May 1997 00:55:54 -0400

NeverMind, I got it... jeez, I hate this. Hack at something for three
hours, post a question, turn around and figure it out... ARGH!

For the InquiringMinds, the stinking execute flag had to be enabled for
IUSR_machine name... *grrrr*

Thanks anyways...

me go sleep now :)

Sam "I am such a twink sometimes" Akhtar

(self quote follows)

>'kay, it's late, I'm tearing out my hair...
>Long story short, IIS 3.0\NT 4.0 sp2 "suddenly" won't execute .exe
>(count.exe, mailto.exe) files, but it will execute .cgi's, .pl's,
>.idc's, .asp's, etc., etc. IT keeps coming up and annoyingly asking
>for a pwd\id (which the admin takes care of). What I don't
>is if the iusr_<machinename> account has the correct permissions and
>the directory is EXE enable via IIS (as referenced by it's ability to
>exec .idc's, etc.) why doesn't it want to do EXE, "suddenly."
>Truly stumped here...
>Any assistance would be greatly appreciated (last time I volunteer
>a late night update :( )