Upgraded to NT 4.0

David Totzke ( davet@jcn1.com )
Thu, 08 May 1997 20:32:40 -0500

Hello All,

We just added and new server to your small ISP network. I wanted
to get some feedback on some of the software I am still running
on my other NT 3.52 sp5 servers. I am planning to replace one of
our smaller NT servers with the new NT 4.0 box. I am running
Bind on that older server and would like to place that into the
new NT 4.0 box. Has any one had any problems with that type of
setup? Is the DNS in NT 4.0 any good?

I also run serv-u ftp on the old box, any one have any trouble
with the NT 4.0 box with serv-u?

I would like some feedback on the web server. I run website pro
1.1 on the older system and may switch it over to the new NT 4.0
box also. Should I use the IIS or put in the website pro.

All comments welcome.

Thanks in advanced
Dave Totzke
JCN, Inc.