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Brian Krabach ( )
Thu, 1 May 1997 09:25:33 -0400

We have been using Microsoft's Internet Explorer Administration Kit =
(IEAK) since it was in beta and have been very happy with it. We use it =
for creating software for our Win95, Win3x, and Mac users. It is uses =
Win95 style wizards for both the creation of the software and for the =
installation on a clients machine, making it very user friendly. One of =
the other nice features is that the admin kit and all of the software it =
distributes is free of charge. More info on the package is available at =

Brian Krabach
Vice President Engineering
GlassCity Internet, Inc.

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Can anyone tell me what they use to distribute to their subscribers for
access software? We currently use Usefulware and are having a real =
with the Windows 95 package. I'm currently looking for a new source.

Jason Sword