Michael Whisenant ( )
Thu, 01 May 1997 00:23:51 -0500

USR has once again decided to go their own way, leaving thousands of ISP's
without Total Solution. Despite USR claims of supporting Industry
standards, today senior engineers formally announced that USR does not
support or comply to RFC proposals on adopting RADIUS.

This came as quite a shock after purchasing (6) Total Control Chassis with
x2 support. After their constant claims that 'Emerald was non-RFC
compliant and I should use USR's Accounting server', and it is 'Emerald's
support of Ascend that is the problem' today they announced: "USR has
chosen not to support the present RFC for RADIUS accounting."

After my disclosure of carring this to the ISP list here is their NOW
official response:

There are incompatibility issues with our Netserver working in
conjunction with Emerald's Security/Accounting Software. The reason
being is that the Netserver is sending some vendor specific attributes
that Emerald's Security/Accounting doesn't recognize.

Thanks to the assistance of Dale I can say the problem is rather easy to
fix. Therefore, any ISP's that choose to use USR Total Control Chassis,
and want to use a fully intergrated accounting/billing/authentication
system (and yes Dale it does more than that). Rather than listen to the
comments from USR, simply make the changes that I am sure Dale will post to
these list.

The purpose of this message is to let everyone know that Emerald/RadiusNT
can support USR.