Re: InterNIC suddenly very fast..!

Greg Buffaloe ( (no email) )
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 12:08:38 -0400

It has been like that for about a year now. The key is to make sure a
primary dns has been set with the domain just before sending registration.
And also pray that your primary DNS server is alive when they check it out.
I register a domain today at 9:35 am, got ACK at 9:37, got confirmation at
9:41. They realy drag if you submit registration before setting up a
primary DNS. If this were to happen, they look and see no primary DNS
ready, they will put you in a stack to go thru til they determine that the
Primary DNS is accepting your domain. Imagine the timeframe they spend on
going thru that stack.

This all may not be true, but has been my experience. :)

> From: Daryl Banttari <>
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> Subject: InterNIC suddenly very fast..!
> Date: Wednesday, April 30, 1997 11:35 AM
> I registered a new domain this morning; usually, I do a WHOIS to check
> for domain name availiblity, then mail in the form to InterNIC, then go
> about configuring my DNS for the domain, then mail my secondary to ask
> them to add the zone.
> Usually, the ack message from NIC takes 4 hrs to 4 days to arrive, and
> the reg completes 2 days to 2 weeks later.
> This morning, I got an ack *immediately*, and the registration
> *completed* in a matter of minutes..!
> Amazing what the threat of a little competition does... <EG>
> Daryl
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