Re: InterNIC suddenly very fast..!

Randy Martin ( )
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 18:12:27 -0500

At 12:08 PM 4/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>It has been like that for about a year now. The key is to make sure a
>primary dns has been set with the domain just before sending registration.
>And also pray that your primary DNS server is alive when they check it out.
> I register a domain today at 9:35 am, got ACK at 9:37, got confirmation at
>9:41. They realy drag if you submit registration before setting up a
>primary DNS. If this were to happen, they look and see no primary DNS
>ready, they will put you in a stack to go thru til they determine that the
>Primary DNS is accepting your domain. Imagine the timeframe they spend on
>going thru that stack.
>This all may not be true, but has been my experience. :)

I don't think they check every request anymore. They may not even check any
of them. I register many domains a week, sometimes several in one day. I
don't always get around to puting them in the DNS until after they are
registered. Some I get back instantly (about 1 hour), others can take days
(or even a week or more). I think it totally depends on how many requests
are in the queue when yours arrives.


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