Of Proxies and Firewalls

Duane Schaub ( dschaub@terraworld.net )
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 18:39:05 -0500

I am concerned about the impending charge for IP numbers by Internic. The
last that I heard, they wanted $2500 per class C, per year... That is

Has anyone put any thought into the use of a firewall or proxy server to
"hide" their internal IP's so that they could use many less of them? I am
about to start some trial on MS Proxy and Wingate Proxy, but have a few
questions. Does anyone know what kind of loading these machines will
handle? I realize this is hardware dependent, but I would be interested in
hearing from anyone running a proxy under heavy loads. What about some
free unix .... or heaven forbid.. DOS based implementations. The task is
not logically hard, but it is CPU and IO intensive.

I am working with an extremely fast unix derivative (Called QNX from
QNX.com) that was designed for realtime processing. It makes BSD look like
a PIG and NT floats face down! The entire OS is on three floppies. If you
want a GUI, add one more floppy, plus part of one more for TCP/IP. This is
not an advertisement, but I hate that this OS is overlooked so much. This
thing would be great for something like this, but I don't have the time to
write the code to do it. All I need is a simple IP translation machine
that will do Proxy ARP and a couple of other things in order to hide
internal addresses.

Any other suggestions on how to reduce the number of IP's needed would be
helpful. We already go to great length to make efficient use of our IP's,
but we have many better places to put that kind of money.


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