Dr. Watson error

Vincent L. McCutcheon ( (no email) )
Sat, 26 Apr 97 16:35:35 PDT

To anyone out there,

We are running NT 4.0, no Service Packs, Emerald 2.1.8, Radius 1.80, Post=
..office 2.0. The machine is a Micron P200-T Pentium 200 w/96megs of RAM =
512K of cache, 3.2 GB HD. Servicing 100+ customers.

On a New install of NT 4.0 We would occasionlly get a Dr. Watson error, =
"Initialization of the dynamic library C:\Winnt\system32\USER32.dll faile=
d. The process is terminating abnormally." It only seemed to happen when =
a user was accessing their mail....locking them out of their mail...till =
I re-started the machine...then everything would be OK for a couple of =
hours or till the next day, when someone else would get their mail....eve=
n me. (Doesn't seem to have a set pattern). {;-(

I've installed Service Pack 2 for NT 4.0, but had to almost immediately =
un-install it because everything We touched and everthing the machine cal=
led, would cause numerous "DR. Watson errors" & "BLUE SCREENS". So now =
We are back at square one with the original problem, "Dr. Watson error", =
from previous paragraph.

I haven't a clue on how to fix this....or what is causing it....does anyo=
ne have any ideas or solutions ?

Thank You for You time. };-)

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