RE: NT V4.0 DUN without logon

Petar Nikolich ( )
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 23:51:06 -0000

No need to spend $500 bucks on proxy server.

Simply use the AUTOLOGIN paramters available in the registry to
force the system to logon as a specified user each time it resets.

Various programs are avilable on the NT sites that allow you to do
this. Then add your shortcut to your dial-up-network entry to the
startup group. This will make the system dial when it completes
the logon.

The thing to worry about is the nasty habit NT has of occasionally
dropping a PPP link without actually losing the modem connection.

When this occurs you need to hangup the connection and dialout
again. I have not found any software that will do this automatically.

You may wish to use some scripting tool to automatically reboot
your server each night while you are away to make sure you minimise
downtime. If you have somebody who can monitor your server they
could simply hangup and dialout if they see the TX lights flashing
on the dialup networking monitor but no corresponding RX lights
flashing. You may also experiment to see if PING returns errorlevel
codes and write a batch file that pings your isp every 5 minutes and
if no response is found then hangs up and redials using the RAS
command level programs.

> From: Darryl Harvey <>
> To:
> Subject: NT V4.0 DUN without logon
> Date: Monday, 21 April 1997 21:16
> Hi,
> This may be a dumb question to some of you, but I have to start
> somewhere. I am starting up a limited service ISP, with an NT V4.0 SP2
> server. I am only having a modem connection at this stage and want the
> server to handle the connection. (No external router connection).
> What I want is:
> The NT Server to dial and connect (Auto logon) to my ISP automatically
> without any need for a logon to occur on the console.
> Currently I have to logon as administrator (or someone with similar
> permissions) and initiate a DUN connection to bring up the network. I then
> have to leave that user logged on to keep that connection open.
> How can I make the server logon by itself (As a service??)
> At present, if there is a power failure or system crash, when the server
> comes back up, I must manually logon, then initiate a DUN connection..
> This is not good, I want it to be automatic without any intervention on my
> behalf (Especially as I will be away overseas for a couple of weeks soon).
> Any advice ?? What do I need to accomplish this?
> Rgds,
> Darryl
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