NT V4.0 DUN without logon

Darryl Harvey ( darryl@myemail.com.au )
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 23:16:08 +1000

This may be a dumb question to some of you, but I have to start
somewhere. I am starting up a limited service ISP, with an NT V4.0 SP2
server. I am only having a modem connection at this stage and want the
server to handle the connection. (No external router connection).

What I want is:

The NT Server to dial and connect (Auto logon) to my ISP automatically
without any need for a logon to occur on the console.

Currently I have to logon as administrator (or someone with similar
permissions) and initiate a DUN connection to bring up the network. I then
have to leave that user logged on to keep that connection open.

How can I make the server logon by itself (As a service??)

At present, if there is a power failure or system crash, when the server
comes back up, I must manually logon, then initiate a DUN connection..
This is not good, I want it to be automatic without any intervention on my
behalf (Especially as I will be away overseas for a couple of weeks soon).

Any advice ?? What do I need to accomplish this?