Re: Trouble with Post.Office

Jeff Woods ( )
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 15:01:20 -0400

At 01:54 PM 4/16/97 -0500, you wrote:
>We are currently running NT 4.0, MS SQL 6.5, Emerald 2.1.8, RadiusNT 1.80
>?, Post.Office 2.0, on a Micron P200T w/96 MB EDO RAM and a Western Digital
>33100 HD. (Oh! It also has a Page File of 125 MB) We previously ran the
>above configuration w/NT3.51 SP5.

IMO, not NEAR enough RAM for all of this. 96 MB would probably do a
machine with JUST SQL and RADIUS NT, but perhaps not.

>Here is what is happening....Previously the above machine ran the above
>software with NT 3.51. SP5
>After about 2 months We started experiencing "Physical Dumps and Memdumps"
>which rebooted the machine.

My experience with is that HIGH traffic on v1.9.3 will cause
this. Go into the postmaster web admin, and under System Configuration,
System Performance Parameters, set the Maximum number of concurrent network
servers down to 12, and the maximum number of concurrent local processes
down to 6.

Yes, this WILL slow down your mail. But it will also stop the reboots (or
at least, it did for us).

You may want to check to see if you're being used as a spam relay (if your
server is being hijacked). Check the size of your log files.
If they are extraordinarily large (more than half again the size of your
average log)_, then you've been hit. There's no way to stop this with (not even v3.0). We had to switch to NTMail to correct this
and stop the spammers.

>Two weekends ago We had these crashes over and
>over again, to the point that the machine could not be used...

This sounds VERY much like a spammer hit you, and started
spawning extra servers and processes to handle the load. Once it exhausted
memory, poof! Reboot! Lower the limits.

>for a "little" while. (Oh....the machine would crash every 7 minutes
>w/Post.Office running).

Almost definitely, you were used as a relay. Lower the session limits for
Post Office and it should correct itself once the spam clears (or you can
simply delete the outbound queue in its entirety, losing other mail, too,
but stopping the spew).