Trouble with Post.Office

Vincent L. McCutcheon ( (no email) )
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 13:54:57 -0500

Hello to anyone that might help with this problem.

We are currently running NT 4.0, MS SQL 6.5, Emerald 2.1.8, RadiusNT 1.80
?, Post.Office 2.0, on a Micron P200T w/96 MB EDO RAM and a Western Digital
33100 HD. (Oh! It also has a Page File of 125 MB) We previously ran the
above configuration w/NT3.51 SP5.

Here is what is happening....Previously the above machine ran the above
software with NT 3.51. SP5
After about 2 months We started experiencing "Physical Dumps and Memdumps"
which rebooted the machine. Two weekends ago We had these crashes over and
over again, to the point that the machine could not be used...We ran NT
3.51 repair disks on it and it would run as long as Post.Office was not
running as a service. We re-installed NT 3.51 SP5, it ran everything fine
for a "little" while. (Oh....the machine would crash every 7 minutes
w/Post.Office running). Finally the machine would no longer boot-up. I
installed a New WD 33100 HD and We installed NT 4.0 and all of Our
software. The machine ran about 5 days with no problems, then We started
experiencing Memory errors and GPF's. Now the machine is starting to crash
occasionaly...every other day....
I've had the RAM checked for errors...they're OK.

Could Post.Office or another program configured incorrectly?

Anyone with any ideas would be greatly appreciated,

Vincent L. McCutcheon
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