Re: Computone Powerrack

Jeff Woods ( )
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 18:03:50 -0500

At 02:05 PM 4/2/97 -0800, you wrote:

>just have 1 more question... when I reboot the powerrack I get a login
>attempt in the radius window running in debug mode as follows...

> SQL Statement: INSERT INTO Calls
>ayTime,UserName) VALUES (GetDate(),7,'',0,'root')
>ODBC: SQLExecDirect Error:
> [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] The column NASPort in
>table Calls may not be null.
>Sending Accounting Ack of id 0 to ce3aa0fc (

Your calls table (the RADIUS accounting) is not being updated correctly,
because the above SQL insertion command does not contain the port number.
It should look something like:

> SQL Statement: INSERT INTO Calls
> (CallDate,AcctStatusType,NASIdentifier,AcctDelayTime,UserName,
> NASPort,AccountSessionID,UserService)

This comes from likely not having complete RADIUS attributes set up for the
account. (Odd that it's sending Accounting data back on a NVRAM user,
though -- you don't have ROOT in the RADIUS database, do you?)
>I don't know if this is normal or not...

Nope, it isn't.