IIS %@#! dang Side Includes

Eric Fagan ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 04:36:17 -0700

I'm sure I'm overlooking something quite simple, but....
Could someone please, please tell me how to create a server side include
on IIS3 for a CGI script? I've looked through tons of woefully inadequate
documentation on IIS & found only one obscure reference to a side include,
& that was only for including a file. I've tried hundreds of combo's, but
I cannot get a <!--#exec cgi="xxx...."> to work anywhere, (htm, stm, etc).
The only thing I was able to do was an <!--include file="xxx..."> to kind
of work (it simply printed the contents of the perl file I'm trying to
insert). Other than the "include file", I couldn't get anything at all to
attempt to process. It simply fed the exact HTML code straight out to the
browser. I'm completely lost, frustrated, been trying to make this work to
4:35 am, etc..... Help?

Eric Fagan
pdq internet