Re: NT and Primary Domain

Chuck Scott ( )
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 07:14:53 -0800

I think you have to reload NT then choose PDC as the server type. You sh=
ould be able to retain your files and permissions, just load it over the t=
op of your current installation.

> Dear all......

> HELP !

> one of my NT 4.0 Machines to a DUMP ! (literally)
> found the root of the problem to be a bad NIC bios
> replaced the NIC and rebooted, all seemed to be well
> until one of my office staff tried to log into the network.

> Got the result " No domain controller was found to
> validate your password "

> Upon inspection I found that my NT machine was no longer
> a Primary Domain Controller,
> I've tried everything I know to recify this problem, to no avail
> I can still access the NT machine and it boots just fine but now I
> cant validate anyone, does anyone know how to change my machine back to =
> primary domain controller ?

> PS next week I'll invest in a backup domain controller !
> Thanks

> Phill Moran
> Kadena Computers & Communications

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