RE: signup server

Josh Perry ( )
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 09:18:46 -0800

Some things about the ISS CGI script...

Firstly. If you use radius at all this script will work for you, the =
format of the tables for radius need to be the same as for Emerald. So =
you could go and download Emerald trial, just run the insttabs.sql to =
install the tables and then take a look at the database structure with =
access and kind of take a look at how its setup and delete any tables =
that are EMERALD specific.

Secondly. When the user signs up with your guest account, you set up a =
filter in your NAS so that that user cannot access the "Internet" and =
only your intranet until they have set up their account information then =
the script will automatically set up that person's dial-up connection =
and browser with that username and when they dial in they will be using =
their new account.
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I will be setting up the database once I get the Livingston and Radius
loaded later this week. I don't even know what I need for a database =
now. I just plan on setting one up once I see what kind of data Radius =
give me, how the data is formatted, and so on


I was curious how I filter signups from having access to the net? Do I =
setup a BBS type of system with
its own line seperate from the hunt? Dows your system only allow signup =
users already on the net? =20