Re: FP + MS IIS3

Jeff Woods ( )
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 11:09:58 -0500

At 01:52 PM 3/21/97 -0700, you wrote:

>Once you have run the downloaded executable from MS , all you do is run the
>"Server Administrator", click the install button, select Microsoft Internet
>Information Server from the list of possible servers. At this point it will
>ask with IP address to install the extensions on and that's all there is to
>The icon for the server administrator is in the frontpage directory. I had
>to create a shortcut to it on every server because the install program
>neglected to do that.

Lee, et. al:

VERY important when installing FPSE and IIS 3.0:

Do NOT let it install the extensions to all of your webs. DO this MANUALLY.

Make sure all of your virtual servers are on the SAME level as your main
root web:

D:\INETPUB\DOCS <root web>
D:\INETPUB\COMPANY1 <virtual home: IP x.y.z.66>
D:\INETPUB\COMPANY2 <virtual home: IP x.y.z.67>

Then MANUALLY install the extentions ONLY on the virtual servers (or better
yet, make ALL root webs virtual servers, and don't even HAVE a default web).

If you don't do this, then the permissions WILL get screwed up, and you
WILL be giving ADMIN access to your users.