Re: 3.0 is coming

Philip Thomas ( (no email) )
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 23:30:24 -0800

I curious what extactly is the bug does have?

> From: Jeff Woods <>
> To:
> Subject: RE: 3.0 is coming
> Date: Thursday, December 19, 1996 4:21 PM
> At 09:56 PM 3/20/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >With regard to the Spam filter...I understand the pain you all are
> >For fun I run a couple of mailing lists and am pretty active in the
> >internet community...spam is something we all have to deal with on a
> >basis. I wish I could fix that one Right Now. But we have to fix it so
> >stays fixed...and I assure you that our best dev guys are working on it.
> Lee, this is BULLSHIT. The obvious fix is to pull 2.0's original source
> of revision control, and put a SIMPLE option in there to limit the use of
> the SMTP smart host to within a list of networks. If the mailer program
> sending something to the SMTP smart host doesn't reside in a network in
> list, then THE MAIL IS BOUNCED.
> I am a programmer by first trade, and could code this into your source
> MYSELF in two hours, having never seen the code. The fact that you
> to do this, and make a FAST fix as Microsoft and Netscape have done, is
> PRIMARY reason I am leaving The pricing issue is
> You have a serious security flaw. You have refused to fix it in a timely
> manner.
> Case closed. Goodbye Hello, "campaign to keep people from
> making the same mistake I did". You made your bed. Now lie in it.
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