Metainfo DNS 2.1

Bill Fisher ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 08:30:17 -0800

We are using Metainfo also. While it's not a stellar product, I think it
runs ok. I haven't had many problems with the web interface. I did have
the problem where DNS would quit responding to requests after getting an
error that reported (no error), love those meaningful error codes. I have
been running a 2nd caching server from day one. Over the course of a week
we worked through the problem with tech support. The problem was related
to improper setup on some domains. I guess the error was recursive and
would gradually bring the server to it's knees over a day or so.

I also use Sendmail from Metainfo but am looking to find something that is
easier to admin. I'm leaning towards NTmail from what I've heard here and
seen of the products.

Bill Fisher
ExcelSoft Technology

>We have been using Metainfo DNS sucks...have to go to the office
or 5 nights a week to reboot the DNS server.....have tried all of
email suggestions...nothings worked....We are going to NT BIND or KhanBIND.
>Vincent L. McCutcheon
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>I use it, I am assuming Metainfo...Got it for the web utility Sucks don't
>use it. Other that the web interface it works great. For money costs I
>heard NTBind is free.
>At 11:15 AM 3/20/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>Any one out there using Metafile dns server? I am looking at switching
>to it from my linux dns server.
>>I have it set up for all of my ip's but I do not quite understand how to
>set up Virtual Domains on this software. I could use some help!
>>James Smith
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