RE: 3.0 is coming

Kurt A. Butzin, DDS ( )
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 21:29:57 -0500

I second that, its a great product, but like you I've not used the
support and don't anticipate using it. Why should us smaller guys
pay to support the big guys. ASs it is now you only get 30 days
support from the time of purchasen ot even from the first call like
most other software venders. I am beginning to regret my decision to
use Post Office. I sounds like is out to make big bucks
but will probably piss off enough of us that we will switch products.
What do they care if you are using 10 or 10,000 boxes. If its the
same product and support isn't included the costs to them are the
same. It would cost them more to produce a small package and a large
package. If you are large enough to have 20,000 mail boxes, you will
probably have your own IS dept. to handle problems. Charge for the
support. Based on ther new policies, I would have a tough time
reccommeding it. I just purchased it in January, I wish this thread
had appeared before my purchase, as for a nother couple of hunder
dollars I could have NT Mail and unlimited boxes, even though I'll
probably never need them. It's the principle,not the numbers.

Kurt A. Butzin. DDS
Molarnet Technologies, Inc.