RE: 3.0 is coming

Keith Willis ( )
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 20:13:39 -0600

I have been enjoying this thread. It is nice to see other folks frustrated
about the same things as we are. We have approximately 1200 users and see
growth of probably up to the 2000 or 2500 mark in the next couple of years.
Probably not much more.

We jumped on the Post.Office bandwagon.....before the NT ISP fad. We were
one of the very first people to buy it (so I was told). We were really
pleased with the ability to buy an unlimited license product. We didn't
want support and never asked for it. We paid, I believe $499 for the ftp

When 2.0 came out and had the new pricing scheme.....we almost switched.
If it weren't for the ability to upgrade without paying more per mailbox.

I am really disappointed to see jumping on this per mailbox
pricing scheme. You said "And by the way, I don't know if you've noticed
that other server companies are raising their prices as well...this *is* a
competitive market, but it's impossible to stay in business building and
supporting servers for 20,000 users at $500 a copy."

Well, I would never expect you to support a product for 20,000 users for
$500. Charge for the support. Microsoft does it and it seems so does
everyone else now. Sell the upgrades. Seems MS has no problem doing this
either. I have no problem paying $199 or so for an upgrade to get the
latest features. But if your problem is support, why should you ask us to
pay for something we never use.

Sell the product in a no support version (like I basically bought). And
you can make your development $$$ back....but by charging a per mailbox are sure to cut your own throat eventually.

As we ISPs have learned, a per hour account doesn't work too well in a very
competitive industry. You say yours is I am sure the
same rules will apply, whether you are the top dog currently or not. Don't
get too proud of being on top! Be very scared!! As we have all seen in
the computer industry......the guy in first place can be last tomorrow!
Anybody remember Lotus 123.....enuf said.

BTW: Great product and you have every right to feel you deserve a fair
price. But don't screw the small businessman b/c you have been eating the
support bill for the big guys.....that was a choice you made in the

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