Re: Temporary Accounts & Auto Expiry

Sam Akhtar ( (no email) )
Tue, 27 May 1997 13:20:51 -0400

> This is how the time banking does work. Time banking is NOT
> though. So when either their account expires OR they run out of time,
> can not login. If the user runs out of time, their account doesn't
> expire, they just can't use it.

Hmmm.. is there any way we can set it up such that we have a block of
25 subaccounts under one MBR. When a user uses a particualr
subaccount, it is then slated for deactivation thrity days from
then...? I'm thinking this _may_ be possible for individual MBR's but
not SA's because they don't have unique expiry dates. But in that
event, I don't suppose there's some special code that essentialy makes
the account act like the following:

I am a valid account.
I was first used 05/20/97.
I will expire 06/20/97.

I am a bomb.. sorry :)

Did that make any more sense of what it is we're trying to
accomplish...? Granted the why may be a longer story...

> Do you want the account/sa/mbr to be automatically deleted when its
> or out of time? This sounds a little severe, but I might not
understand what
> you are using it for.

Not quite, just act as above. We'ld want the mbr/sa still there for
tracking purposes until we archive (what's that? ;) ) the database.
We're trying to dumb it down for several hundred CD's we just want to
dump with temporary accounts\id's as above because those CD's still
offer the free month that we stopped offering back in February... urk.

Thanks again for any assistance...

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