Re: eMail invoices

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 23 May 1997 20:31:55 -0700

John Lange wrote:
> HI Dale & All
> In the past, we were able to eMail invoices (from the invoice tab) for
> delinquent accounts. This month the first try returns "Invoice ### Not
> Mailed", and try's after that "NOTHING".
> With debug mode set, all looks well, just like it always did.
> In Admin the domain: and smart host: are
> correct and if you got this my mail host is working.
> Any idea's an what's going on. We did this from this version (I think)
> last month.
> Emerald v2.1.8
> Client = NT Server 4.0 sp3, NT Wk 3.51 sp5 or Win 95

What kind of Email server are you using? The above "...Not Mailed"
error is the SMTP client returning an error. I can give you a little
more debug, but all of the SMTP server issues should be gone as of 2.1.8
(and the V3.0 cimail.ocx client).

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