Re: Temporary Accounts & Auto Expiry

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 23 May 1997 10:07:38 -0700

Sam R. Akhtar wrote:
> We'ld like to setup some temporary accounts in Emerald that work as
> follows:
> The account expires X days after the first login OR
> The account expires after X hours of use.
> The second feature is time banking and last I heard there was some question
> as to whether or not it worked. We'ld also like to keep the accountsas
> one subaccount under one MBR; this is probably the most important for us
> right now. We've been able to do so, with accounts that expire at the end
> of the month, but what we'ld like to do is have it expire as one of the two
> scenario's listed above.

This is how the time banking does work. Time banking is NOT recurring,
though. So when either their account expires OR they run out of time, they
can not login. If the user runs out of time, their account doesn't really
expire, they just can't use it.

> Rather than keeping track of which accounts have been used and should then
> be expired (ie the subaccount deleted) after thirty days, we're hoping
> there's a way to implement something as listed above within Emerald or
> maybe by running an external SQL statement\Report every so often (hmm,
> still a tad manual ;) )

Do you want the account/sa/mbr to be automatically deleted when its expired
or out of time? This sounds a little severe, but I might not understand what
you are using it for.

> PS DALE: Congratulations on the new addition! Best wishes & happiness to
> you and your family!

Thanks. Its been challenging, to so the least. I always though that I didn't
sleep that much. Now I know what not sleeping much is like. :)

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