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Robin McCutcheon ( )
Wed, 21 May 1997 06:46:55 -0500

>On Wed, 21 May 1997 (Robin McCutcheon) wrote:
>> Ok. This seems really silly, but it's got me minimally stumped. I've
>> installed Emerald 2.1.8 Client on one of my machines at home (Win95).
>> 6.5 Client is installed and configured (I think ?) properly. I've
>> it from named pipes to TCP/IP. ODBC has it's dsn entry to emerald on
>> remote server (Win NT 3.51 sp5).
>Why did you configure it for TCP/IP? This could be causing the
>problem. Do you have TCP/IP enabled for SQL Server? By default
>is is NOT ENABLED on SQL Server (irrelevant on NT's TCP/IP settings).
I chnaged this back to named pipes.

>If you can make a share connection to the SQL Server NT machine, then
>Named Pipes should work fine for you. You may need to go into the
>SQL Client Utilities and create an entry for your SQL Server, also.
This was the problem (or both of the above). I was using UNC names for the
server. Just plain old server name !

>> Now, when I bring up the Emerald login it doesn't find my password.
>> me that it's incorrect. It's *not*. We have a staff password that
>> uses (only three of us) and it has not changed.
>This is just because it can't find the SQL Server.
>> (BTW Dale -- If you don't turn CleanSweep 3.0 OFF when doing the install

-->> three files create Access Violations (mfc42.dll; msvcirt.dll;msvcrt.dll).

>> Not a big deal, but something for a FAQ.)>>Yeah, there are a LOT of applications that this can conflict with.>>> Can anyone give me a clue why I cannot login remotely ? I am logginginto>> the network fine. Any help is most appreciated.>>Use named pipes would be my first step.>

That did not work alone. Configuring the SQL client *correctly* did.


Thanks a Million Dale !

(Off to play now . . . :) )

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