Win 95 Emerald Client

Robin McCutcheon ( )
Wed, 21 May 1997 00:26:09 -0500

Ok. This seems really silly, but it's got me minimally stumped. I've
installed Emerald 2.1.8 Client on one of my machines at home (Win95). SQL
6.5 Client is installed and configured (I think ?) properly. I've changed
it from named pipes to TCP/IP. ODBC has it's dsn entry to emerald on the
remote server (Win NT 3.51 sp5).

Now, when I bring up the Emerald login it doesn't find my password. Tells
me that it's incorrect. It's *not*. We have a staff password that everyone
uses (only three of us) and it has not changed.

(BTW Dale -- If you don't turn CleanSweep 3.0 OFF when doing the install --
three files create Access Violations (mfc42.dll; msvcirt.dll;msvcrt.dll).
Not a big deal, but something for a FAQ.)

Can anyone give me a clue why I cannot login remotely ? I am logging into
the network fine. Any help is most appreciated.


Robin McCutcheon