Re: Emerald Client

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 19 May 1997 22:06:24 -0700

David Kerr wrote:
> I am going to setup emerald on our sales person's computer and wanted to
> make sure i do this right the first time.
> From the docs it looks like i should have SQL Client installed as well as
> an odbc System dsn configured.
> Do i then just run the emerald install again?

Yes. Just follow the steps outlined in the docs at:

> What will the thing your creating for ntmail do?

It allows NTMail to receive mail for users and allows users to read
their mail without having a specific account in NTMail.

> Do i need to enter all my users into ntmail or will this thing(dll,,,,,)
> act like the dll for Serv-U and create the account for me?

It does NOT create accounts in NTMail (the Serv-U DLL does NOT either).
Its just external authentication w/out local accounts.

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