Re: Radius/Emerald integration

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 15 May 1997 13:34:01 -0700

Kurt Schafer wrote:
> I loaded up the 32bit ODBC from the Control Panel and set up a System
> called Radius. In the details for the connection I have (local) for
> the
> server and (Default for the Network Address and Network Library) Under
> OPTIONS I specified Emerald as the Database name.

Did you use teh RadiusNT admin to specify radius as the DSN, and
then on the security tab, specify a username/password to login as?

> Is this correct ? When I fire up Radius from the command line with the -b
> option it throws the info about my terminal servers up on the screen,
> and proceeds to load in the test user that I have in the USERS file but
> when I run RADLOGIN I can't authenticate anybody.

What does RadiusNT show for the login attempt if you start it with:

radius -x15 -o

> If I load radius in standalone mode I can authenticate the test user
> in the USERS file via RADLOGIN.

In ODBC or Both mode, RadiusNT reads server information from the
Do you have a server enetry in Emerald Admin, Config Radius, Servers for
the machine which is running radlogin? Remember, Radlogin is just
terminal server, and if you don't tell RadiusNT that it can make
RadiusNT will not accept them.

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