Re: Carrying a Balance?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 10 May 1997 14:54:54 -0700

Phil Thomas wrote:
> >
> > > Dale or anyone, Is it possible to setup emerald to have a recurring
> > > account? Or for a MBR to carry a balance?
> >
> > A recurring Charge is just a service type.
> >
> > You can actually create a balance forward by altering the invoice. I
> > am working on a new invoice for BF as we speak.
> So at the end of the month, when renewals are printing up and mailed
> out, is it just as simple as checking the invoice paid and manualy
> editing the account balance to reflect the unpaid balance? Could you
> be a little more specific.

Your first question was about a recurring charge. That is nothing more
a service. When you define a service type in admin, and then create a
for a user, you are defining a recurring charge for that account. It
have to be a radius authentication service, rather it can be web, ftp,
and many others. Just don't put a login name for the service.

Emerald is currently based upon the invoice model. There is a field
it tracks a balance (and another where you can track some other money),
but the current invoice.rpt does not take the balance from the MBR
into account. This is what I was talking about what could be modified
to reflect a balance forward and what I have been working on coming up
with (a new invoice.rpt for balance forward).

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