Preparing to go live with billing

Franco Nogarin ( )
Wed, 7 May 1997 16:38:59 -0600

Hi all, I have been running emerald forever, basically, I have been =
waiting for interface changes, sql changes etc. to die down before I put =
the system's billing functions into use. Up till now it has basically =
serverd as a system to track hourly usage, authenticate internet =
accounts and web/ftp access. The accounting department has now =
thouroghly botched our whole ISP billing procedures and after a meeting =
with them we have decided that now would be a really good time to =
implement emerald in all it's glory. as it stands now, we bill for the =
coming month on the first of the month (ie. on june 1 we bill for may =
overages and june's monthly fees). we currently run a nastry set of =
recievables and I feel the whole subscription concept to be safer as far =
as a heavy AR goes. so what I am wondering is what I should do to =
prepare. I have until december to work out all the bugs and have the =
following working:

email billing
invoicing for monthly charges
billing for overages
batch billing

Are there any SQL queries that I can run to remove all invoices and =
billing info etc. to resaet the system (Just accounting info) from =
scratch? all the invoices and charges in the system are test invoices =
and can be lost without a problem. Any advice here would be great. =
Thanks much

Franco Nogarin