Emerald payments

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 09:22:38 -0400

Since payments can't be voided or reversed in Emerald, is there a way
(through some SQL scripts, etc.) to take an existing payment ID and attach
it to a different invoice? An invoice that was already marked PAID was
later VOIDed and a new invoice for the same billing period and dollar
amount has been created. I don't want to mark this new invoice paid yet
because there will be too much money "received" afterwards. Can I take the
existing paymentid and "move" it to the newer invoice? If not, can I
delete the existing payment and mark the new invoice PAID, so no "extra"
money is received in the system?

Original invoice: 829 (VOIDed after being marked paid)
Service dates: 5/15/97 - 6/15/97
Payment ID: 368
New invoice: 878 (replaces #829 and is not marked paid)
CustomerID: 84
Amount: $19.95
Current info under MBR/Billing:
Paid thru: 5/15/97
Last Rec.: 4/11/97
Expire: 5/15/97

Emerald 2.1.11
SQL 6.5


Josh Hillman