Ronnie D. Franklin ( ronnie@itexas.net )
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 20:07:01 -0500

A message I saw earlier today got me to thinking about the MBR limit...

When a customer discontinues our service I usually leave there login ID in
radius, but disabled, for about 6 months before deleting.. this does two
things.. It prevents signing up a new customer and allowing them to use the
same login name and Email address... otherwise the new customer may get a
lot of Email that does not really belong to them... Sort of like the
telephone company not reissuing a telephone number for 12 months...

With this senario I can see quite a few of the MBR's being used up over a
period of time.. Is is possible to use the "Active" MBR's as the MBR
license instead of the actual number of MBR's in Emerald.. or is it that
way already????